Work in a 5 star hotel in Australia

‏Work for six months in a 4 or 5 start hotel or a luxury resort in some of the most enchanting locations in Australia. For instance, the Whitsunday Islands, the awe-inspiring Uluru in the middle of the desert, the Great Barrier Reef, the beaches of Western Australia, the Great Ocean Road and the land in the deep south of Tasmania. Restaurants and tourism are driving sectors in the Australian economy: every year, 6.6 million tourists are welcomed by 270 million operators. These figures are bound to grow in the next few years and there are increasing/more and more opportunities for those who wish to work in the sector.

‏Our program is most suitable for those who want a meaningful/recognised experience in Australia, working for hotels and luxury facilities. Just Australia, in fact, is the partner of an employment agency which is exclusively associated with hotels and resorts around Australia. It is often difficult to find such opportunities. It may be that you have just arrived and don’t know the area, sometimes resorts are located far from the big cities, and sometimes it is difficult to enter a world of “luxury” if you don’t have the right contacts (and you will have to pay for this service).


‏• CV writing
‏• Interview preparation
‏• Assistance with documentation required for the contract
‏• Support booking flights to reach the location
‏• Work at a 4 or 5 star hotel or luxury resort
‏• Six months full time employment guaranteed
‏ • Minimum Pay: $20- $24

‏Guaranteed work types

‏• Cleaner
‏• Room attendant
‏• Launderer
‏• Food & Beverage Manager
‏• Restaurant Manager
‏• Bar Manager
‏• Room maids
‏• Barista
‏• Receptionist
‏• Concierge
‏• Assistant Chef
‏• Chef

Requirements / Prerequisites

• Good level of English level
• Health insurance
• Tax File Number
• Bank account
• Adaptability
• Experience in the catering industry is a plus

The first step is to send us your resume. Once received, the employment agency will organise an interview with you, face to face if you are in Australia or via Skype if you are still in Italy. After a chat, you’ll receive a letter of admission to the program. This means you have been accepted and it’s time to pay. It’s now time to prepare for the interview, thanks to the training provided by the employment agency. Once the interview is over, it’s time to depart! But first, it’s best to take part in an information session on your new job: salary, documentation, food, lodging and how to reach the destination.

If your interview doesn’t go well, the agency will arrange for another appointment. However, this problem doesn’t often arise. All the selection and preparation work is done prior to the interview and the first interview is usually successful.

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