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In Australia, the demand for skilled people in the health sector is constant and most of the medical professions are included in the SOL list, the list of jobs most wanted Down Under. Sadly, Italian qualifications are not recognized and it is necessary to follow a few steps in order to enter the Australian job market. Becoming a nurse in this country is quite a long and expensive process and requires above all a very good level of English. The stakes are guaranteed jobs and higher wages because nursing in Australia is among the most popular professions for the simple reason that there there are not enough nurses to meet the needs of the entire population of Australia.

In order to work as a nurse in Australia first of all you need to improve your English to an IELTS Academic grade 7. For those who are at a scholastic or pre-intermediate , achieving this goal may take about one year of study. Once the IELTS Academic grade 7 is achieved, it is necessary to have your degree recognised and then attend a three month university course. Next, you need to register at the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

Once you’ve finished the course there are a variety of scenarios. The institute can offer a placement service in clinics or Australian hospitals. Those who don’t have work experience in Australia, may accept employment in one of the facilities agreed upon by the school, through a sponsorship (with a permanent or temporary visa depending on individual requirements). Those who already have work experience, can aim for a permanent visa directly and feel free to choose their job structure.

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Nursing in Australia: step by step

  • IELTS Academic grade 7
  • Registration with AHPRA
  • University course for the recognition of the degree (3 months at $12,000)
  • Direct employment in a hospital through sponsorship or skilled visa request

For this reason Just Australia, thanks to their collaboration with health sector specializing consultants, can help a nurse achieve an IELTS grade that allows them to work in a hospital. The health industry is quite profitable: a nurse usually earns $80k per year, a doctor more than $150k. Although to be honest, studying medicine in Australia can be very expensive, since the tuition to study Medicine is among the highest.

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