There is no lack of job opportunities for Italians in Australia: the unemployment rate is at 6%. It isn’t low but it’s less in comparison to where the youth unemployment rate is at 40%. Starting your own adventure in Australia with a job is a great way not only to acquire professional experience but also to settle in the Australian culture. As we’ve already said, the better you speak English more possibilities there are to find a job. For this reason, it is a good idea to spend the first few weeks studying English and then look for a job in order to be more prepared for an interview.

Job opportunities in hospitality

Certainly, the restaurant industry is offers the most chances for everyone: for those who don’t speak English, for those who are native speakers, for those who don’t have any job experience or those who have already been a chef for many years. This kind of industry is completely different from ’s because here you can build a career quickly and get pretty high wages, especially if you are a restaurant manager, as well as get great satisfaction for those who love the hospitality world.

In addition, it is the easiest area to find a job with casual contracts, suitable for those who are on working holiday visas and want to travel, or with part time contracts for students.

Often, it is difficult to carry out your own profession in Australia because the laws are different form . It is also necessary not only to have a good level of English in order to be more competitive on the job market, but also to be recognized by the Australian standards. Many restaurants are looking for Italian chefs and waiting staff to create the atmosphere of the so-called “Bel Paese”, not only in the dishes but also in the front of house.

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Other job opportunities for temporary visas

Not only bar and restaurants but also construction is an important sector for the Australian economy and where Italian workers are appreciated. It is a good idea to go directly to the construction site and do a trial. Other jobs suitable for a temporary visa are: retail assistants, sales, and promoters for parties and discos. For professions such as doctors, biologists, engineers, architects, designers, marketing experts, accountants, etc it is better to ask for a consultation at a migration agent to figure out which steps you need to take to gain recognition for your profession in Australia, after achieving a pretty high English grade.

Regarding the teaching area, this is a world unto itself. In other words, many primary schools, middle schools and high schools are looking for well prepared and experienced Italian teachers. There are job opportunities not only in schools but also in all Australian languages institutes, associations of Italian culture, and private lessons. After all, Australians love from every point of view!

Job offers for temporary visas

Knowing where the vacant positions for Italians are, is a bit difficult. Certainly, it’s a good idea to look at the many Australian websites specializing in job vacancies but the best thing you can do is go directly to the workplace, give your resume, introduce yourself and make new contacts.

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