How to find a job in Australia

In Australia, there are a lot of job opportunities and certainly more than in . Every year thousands of thousands of work positions remain vacant because there is not enough labour force. Getting one of these positions might seem very easy since there are jobs but not workers.

However, especially for those who have just arrived, it is hard to integrate and find a job immediately. Normally, a lot of people think about finding a job in Australia just as they get off the plane. That’s not an entirely bad idea because for some people this is exactly what happened. But the truth is, the more prepared you are, the more chance you have of finding a job. The golden rule is to have a level of English: the better you speak and the more you can aspire to a well-paid job. Usually, most people arrive in Australia with scholastic English, in these cases it is better to invest in an English course, even briefly, before you can say “I’m looking for a job in Australia”. After all, in , no employer would hire an employee who doesn’t speak Italian.

how to find job australia

It is important to have all the credentials before seeking employment in this country, so it is better to obtain the necessary certifications for work according to Australian standards. For instance, to work in a bar or restaurant where alcohol is served, you are required to acquire an RSA (a license to serve alcohol) or to work in construction you are required to have a White Card (a license for worksite safety). Knowing a profession, having experience and the necessary qualifications (a degree or diploma depending on the industry) are really important before finding work. It must be said that Australians care about certifications, unlike Italians, so it is essential to take up your own studies. The last piece of advice, but maybe the most important: find a job directly in Australia.

Writing on forums, websites, social media, blogs and answering job ads from your country is often a waste of time. Employers are very careful of visas and they don’t take into consideration those who must still obtain a visa. Like everywhere, even Australians prefer to put the candidate to the test and meet them in person. Often, a distant work promise could be a scam!It is useful to start your search online from , but only to understand the needs of the market and wages.

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