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The Student Visa is one of the most requested in Australia and for those who are over 31 years of age it is the best solution in order to study and work in Australia. In 2013 more than 13k Italians left to study English, attend a professional school or a university course. A reasonable amount, when you think that every year almost 250k students decide to come to Australia.

Student Visa in Australia: features

80% attendance is an essential requirement to keep this visa, unless you enrol in a university course, a masters or at a school in which the evaluation is based on tests and on academic progress. The duration of the visa depends on the duration of course and allows you to work part time.
English courses start every Monday, lessons can be attended during the morning, afternoon or evening and weekends, depending on the course and requests. It’s your choice!
All Australian schools offer 20 hours of lessons per week of theory, practice and online exercises. You can work part time during lesson terms and full time when lessons are suspended. The Visa fee is $560, paying by credit card on the Department of Immigration website at the time of the request.

  • Study permit: full time
  • Work permit: part time
  • Duration: as long as the course plus 1 or 2 months
  • Fee: $560
  • Time released: 14 days
  • Where: the Department of Immigration website
  • Why: study and work part time
  • From where: inside or outside Australia
  • Children and partners: they can be included in the visa with the required documentation

Australian Student Visa: how to get it

  • Get in touch with Just Australia
  • Complete an application form for a course
  • Pay for the first 3 months of school, for the enrolment fee, materials fee and for health insurance (1st payment)
  • Wait for the Letter of Offer and the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
  • Apply for the visa
  • Obtain the visa
  • Book your flight
  • Set off for Australia!
    In order to obtain a Student Visa for Australia it is necessary to purchase health insurance that covers the duration of the course. Just Australia represents Allianz and can get the right cover for you depending on needs, budget, duration and quality.

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4 thoughts on “Australian Student Visa

  1. How much to paid this course miss?and how long i can study at australia for this

    • Hello Babraa, thank you for your message. You can study in Australia for the entire duration of the course. What’s your nationality and how old are you? You can fill up the contact form below and we can give you more information, thanks!

  2. Hi.i have a sister she is in australia now and she can’t speak english fluently but she want to apply for student visa.what short of course or study can she do so she can apply for the visa thanks

    • Hello Johnson. Thank you for your message! Can she contact us directly? She can stop by our office at level 9, 118 Queen Street, Melbourne. Or she can call us at 0437 890 294, thanks!

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