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For those who want to move Down Under, the Australian Government offers a Skilled migration program, a sort of qualified immigration that requires a good level of English, specific certifications and work experience. For these type of visas it is best to consult a migration agent. Moreover, in Australia, there are two profession lists. The first is the SOL list (Skilled Occupation List), a list of a number of professions required in Australia, that with the right experience, a good level of English, a diploma or a bachelor degree, can lead to the attainment of a permanent visa.

This list includes professions such as doctors, nurses, dentists, architects, chefs, accountants and kindergarten teachers. The other list is the CSOL list (Consolidated Occupation Skilled Visa), a list of professions that can be sponsored by the State or by the employer. It includes most of the other professions: journalists, marketing and communication experts, restaurant mangers, teachers, fitness instructors, translators, IT, video makers, social workers and many others.

It is considered the Holy Grail of visas, the one that everyone who commits to a life changing departure to Australia dream about, but that just 600 Italians per year are able to obtain. In order to plan your future in Australia, there are three fundamental requirements:

  • a good level of English ( IELTS grade 5.5 or Upper)
  • a qualification (high school diploma or a university degree)
  • work experience

If lacking one of these conditions, it is possible to attend an English course, to obtain an IELTS certification, to get a diploma or a degree in Australia and to acquire the work experience needed.


Sponsorship is one of the best ways to build a career and a future in Australia. Most of the time, an Australian Company offers a position to an Italian employee because he is considered a valid member of the firm who can speak English, has experience, carries a pertinent diploma or degree or in some cases has skills no other Australian citizen has. Many sponsorships are found in the hospitality and building industries because chefs, pizza makers, bricklayers and tilers are in high demand in Australia, but they are not the only ones. An IELTS certification is compulsory with a minimum average of 5 and a minimum grade for each section of 4.5

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