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When you think about studying and being on holiday, you always have in mind England, Ireland, or Malta, then there are those who push themselves to the USA or Canada. But, nowadays, Australia is also more and more becoming a popular destination. In the last few years Australia has recorded a huge number of young people coming from all over the world.

Studying and being on holiday in Australia is an alternative to the usual destinations nearby and it is a new way to get involved in a completely different culture far away from the one we used to watch on tv or at the cinema. In Australia there are the best schools in the world, indeed, every year universities and colleges are in the top 10 world ranking and in the top 100 list of the best English schools on the planet.

This is because the Australian learning method is more relaxed compared to others countries, but really efficient at the same time. Australian educational institutes focus more on practice and experience than theory. Those who want to learn English or study a diploma or university course can get the opportunity to put into practice what they’ve learned, surrounded by teachers and students from all over the world with thousands of different accents and backgrounds.

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Study and holiday in Australia: three options

For those who want to study and work but also enjoy this country, there are three options:

  • Tourist Visa: apply on the Department of Immigration website or at a travel agency, it is free, lasts at least 3 months up to one year and can give the opportunity to study just for three months. There are no age limits.
  • Working Holiday Visa: request it on the Department of Immigration website, it costs $450 and gives the chance to work full time and study up to 17 weeks. For those who haven’t turned 31 yet.
  • Student Visa: apply on the Department of Immigration website with the help of Just Australia, costs $560, lasts as long as the study course and you can just work part time. There are no age boundaries for studying in Australia.

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