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In Australia there are 39 Universities, which 8 of them (known as the Group of Eight) are listed in the 100 top world wide. The most prestigious and old is the University of Melbourne, even though the other are highly recommended too. Attending an Australian University course or a post graduate course in Australia means to have a qualification recognized in all over the world. Plus, English higher education is appreciated in every work place.

Often, attending Australian courses is an obligation more than a choice, because is required for the recognition of some professions according to the Australian standards. Is not easy to identify the right course, University and city. English speaking countries polices for the admissions are different from the Italian ones, and it is essential to have a high school diploma and a certain IELTS grade.

Enrolling in one of the Australian Universities is pretty complicated and it is necessary to consider different factors before planning to take an academic course. Firstly, english level is really important: unfortunately without an IELTS Academic score (usually 6.5 or 7), is not possible to access at University.

Secondly, cost factor: fees are between 24,000$ and 32,000$ per year depending on the University. Get a scholarship is very hard except for those who have a low income. So, it is better to count on a specific budget before signing up, then if there is a chance to earn a scholarship, so much the better! Just Australia can help you during your path: starting with the choice of the course, then enrollment, request of the student visa and health insurance.

Here is a list of Australian Universities, divided by state:

Universities in Victoria

Universities in NSW

Universities in Queensland

Universities in South Australia

Universities in Tasmania

Universities in Western Australia

Universities in Australian Capital Territory

Universities in Northen Territory

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