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The opening of the frontiers in the Seventies transformed a purposely mainly “white” country in one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world; nowadays one out of four Australians is born abroad and almost half of the population has at least one foreigner. But even if multiculturalism is synonymous with open-mindedness and easygoingness towards strangers and minorities, learning English is still a fundamental step towards a complete integration in the society and in the job world.

In general, high school diplomas and academic degrees are not just a matter of pride for your grandmothers, but have two functions: to prepare you for the job market and to help you enter it. Studying in Australia doesn’t mean just attending a course in English but also getting ready for the IELTS test, choosing a professional diploma or an academic path. If you want to study in Australia, one of the first steps is to improve your English level because without it, it is impossible to gain access to other courses, get a job and many visas are off limits.

Hold on: in Australia, once finished high school, 72% of young people find a full time job within 4 months. And the average gross income of a new graduate exceeds $52, 000 per year. The remaining 28%, 2 out of 3 finds a part time job and just one out of 3 is unemployed. (These numbers make your head spin!). Therefore, studying doesn’t mean procrastinating nor wasting time, but establishes the premise for real professional satisfaction.

Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but it is also true that what you spend is balanced with what you earn. Thanks to an agreement with many schools, Just Australia can offer promotional prices for English courses and diplomas.

For those who choose Just Australia, school fees are cheaper than those you are charged from a college directly because Just Australia counts on a team that takes care of enrollments and student visa bureaucracy. Unfortunately, there are no promotions for those who want to attend University. Just Australia offers an efficient customer service, recommendations, job contacts and many other free services to students during their path.

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