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Sooner or later comes the time to translate your document from Italian to English. Often it is necessary to translate the high school diploma or the degree diploma to accede to a professional course or a university course.

In other cases it is necessary to translate a birth certificate, the wedding certificate, reference letters and the certificate of pending proceedings for a request of a visa. In Australia is matter just one type of translations: the ones certified by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters), the only recognized authority of the Australian Government.

This means that only the translators enroll in the register are the unique professional authorities to realize recognized translation from a language to another. On NAATI website is possible to find a list with all the accredited translators.

Just Australia works with a professional and certified NAATI translators, which offer a good service and price, thanks to the huge amount of documentation sent every month.

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Prices of documents translation

  • One document (high school diploma, degree certificate, birth certificate, wedding certificate, certificate of pending proceedings) 50$-60$ per page
  • More than one document (reference letter, payslip, bank statement) 35$-40$ per page

Price depends on the numbers of the words.

Naati translations: what translate and why

  • Professional course: high school diploma*
  • University course: degree certificate**
  • Family, partner, de facto visas: wedding certificate, birth certificate of dependent children, residency certificate, rent contract***
  • Sponsor visa: reference letter
  • Permanent visa: certificate of pending proceedings, birth certificate

*Some schools issue multilingual diplomas for overseas
** Often districts issue multilingual certificates for overseas
***Most of the universities, if requested, issue supplement diploma without charging, that is a bilingual document valid for abroad.

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