What should you bring to Australia?

How many of us have arrived in Australia and have forgotten something important in Italy? Don’t worry, here we are to give you some precious pre-departure advices.

What do you must take with you?

First of all check if there are all the necessary documents for the trip:

  • Passport
  • Flight tickets
  • A print copy of your visa
  • A copy of the booking of the hostel/hotel, if you have.

If all of this sounds obvious and your hand luggage is ready, however, you may forget to bring in Australia a various useful documents and objects.

Essential: documents

  • Drive’s license (plus an international driving license, if you have already requested one before leaving- read our article)
  • Any copies of achieved certifications (IELTS; diploma, degree)
  • Your health card that is necessary for requesting the Medicare
  • Debit card, credit card or prepaid card.

Before opening a bank account in Australia and find a job, you need to withdraw money or make payments. To be sure, it is recommended to have with you no more than 3.500 Euros, maybe split the amount in two different cards if some technical problems can occur with Eftpos and ATM. Another option is a transfer with Transferwise from Italy as soon as you open an Australian account.

Essential: useful objects

  • Laptop, notebook or tablet: very useful when you should have to write an English CV, a cover letter or fill out online forms
  • Pen drive (USB): it is necessary to save and print any type of documents once you arrived in Australia
  • Computer and phone charges or powerbank
  • One or more power adaptors: you can buy one anywhere once you get in Australia, but can happen that you need it suddenly. Prevention is better than cure!
  • For the clever ones: a multi plug adapter. Just plug it into a single Australian adapter and you will have all of your electronic devices under control.
  • A second mobile phone, if you have one, to put your Italian SIM card
  • Specific medicines, if you need them. Remember that you have to declare them to the customs, so make sure to have the leaflet and prescription, just in case if you’re gonna be subjected to a control.

Essential: clothes

  • Winter jacket: most of the time in Australia there is a summer weather but don’t forget that in some states like Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory exists winter and even snow.
  • Comfortable shoes: Australia is popular for being a land of adventure, so it is better not to be at the top of Ayers Rock with flip flops!

Now you just have to finish to pack your hand luggage and suitcase with all your belongings. All the staff that you forgot, is possible to buy in Australia, but be careful that, especially in clothes, Australian tastes are very different form Italian ones. It might be the right time to make up the wardrobe!

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