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Australian visa concession polices vary depending on the passport nationality of the applicant. Italy, as many other European countries, is listed in Assessment Level Country 1, which means it is quite easy to enter the country with a working or a student visa. Citizens of countries listed in Assessment Level Country 2, 3 or 4 can only apply for a Student visa, i.e. they need to study in order to stay in the country once the tourist visa has expired.

As applying for these visas requires a quite complicated procedure and precise documentation, Just Australia relies in a team of expert and professional migration agents. Here, a list of the principle countries that indicates the difficult level of access to Australia with a student visa, where 1 stand for easy and 3 for hard.

For those who come from a country in Assessment Level 1 have to provide the health insurance (OSHC), for those of level 2 or 3 may have to show that they have enough funds to pay the course, cost of living (about $18,600 per year), health insurance and the flight back. The income must be demonstrated through the student and family statement.

The list and the information are available on the Government website,

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