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Families that desire to move to Australia could potentially improve their quality of life, but on the other hand could come across expenses out of their capabilities and because of that be forced to go back to Italy. Those who are under the age of 31 can apply for a working holiday visa, that is an individual visa that does not permit to bring with the applicant other family members.

Those who are above the age of 31 can only apply for a student visa, unless they have already found an employer in Australia or unless they are eligible for a skilled visa through a migration agent. With a student visa you can work part time while you attend a course. In these cases is better to set off alone, and once that visa conditions have changed ( from a student visa to a temporary or permanent residence visa) meet the partner and the children.

Moving to Australia: family expenses

Here is an example of the expenses of a family (mother, father and 2 underage children) can run into with a student visa for one year:

  • $560 father’s visa (student visa)
  • $420 mother’s visa (dependent visa)
  • $140 first child’s visa (dependent visa)
  • $140 secondo child’s visa (dependent visa)
  • $3,800 annual family health insurance
  • $6,000 one year english course for the father
  • $10,000 school for the first child
  • $10,000 school for the second child
  • $18,000 rent (at least 350$ per week)
  • $3,000 public transport
  • $10,000 grocery shoppin
  • $5,000 other expenses (mobile, clothes, internet, entertainment)
  • $$4,000 flight ticket for 4 people (one way)

These kinds of visas require a precise documentation and when needed Just Australia relies on a team of expert and professional migration agents.

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