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Australia is the dream country and the land where every year more than 50 thousand of Italians decide to move to, leaving their home town, and achieve their goal. Most people start this adventure with a tourist visa to get the hang of it and discover what means to live in Down Under. Others can apply for a working holiday visa that allows you to travel, work and study or a student visa that is the most reasonable option for those who are above the age of 31.Moving to Australia is definitely not easy at all and usually the procedure is not immediate. Concerning immigration Australian laws are pretty strict and getting a permanent visa is really hard if you don’t have all the right criteria.

How to migrate to Australia

First of all, it is essential to pick the Australian metropolis where you’d like to settle in. Sydney and Melbourne are the most popular ones facing onto the sea and where you can find a high quality of life, many job opportunities and heaps of fun. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the tropical Brisbane, the elegant Adelaide and Perth which has a fast-growing economy.

The choice depends on many factors, that’s why you shouldn’t consider just the work perspective but also the lifestyle you are looking for. Certainly in the bigger cities you never get bored, but we need to say that Australia is also famous and fabulous for the huge number of unspoilt and green spots. For those who love nature, living by the sea and far away from the crowded urban center and practice sport, we can assure you that this country is the right place. Furthermore, if you decide to live in a regional area, it is easier to get a sponsored or get a job due to less competition.


There are endless ways to get a visa in Australia. The tourist visa, also known as a Visitor visa, can be obtained immediately from a travel agency and it lasts for a minimum of three months to a maximum of one year. It allows you to travel, study and arrange job interviews and business meetings, but it’s forbidden to work and be paid. The working holiday visa is the one that lets you work and be on holiday (as the name of the visa suggests) and it is the best visa for those who are not yet 31 years old. It lasts one year and you can apply for it online. There is the chance to get an extra year (second working holiday visa) if you prove that you worked for 88 days in a regional area. Instead, the student visa is the right option for those who want to study in Australia and are over 31 years of age.

Just Australia is focused on student visas procedures and provides a free support service if you need help. Moreover, we have agreements with different types of schools all over Australia so we can guarantee you formidable prices. For all the other visas, like the sponsored and the skilled visas, it is better to arrange an appointment with a migration agent to figure out if you’ve got all the right criteria, a sufficient level of English, work experience (at least 3 years) and education (a diploma or a degree).

Flying to Australia

Thanks to the many airline companies, a flight to Australia is easy to find. Emirates is a popular one and the most comfortable air group, but also Etihad, Qantas and Qatar are quite common as well. It is possible to come across some offers on Skyscanner and Kayak websites and sometimes, besides what we might think, some competitive prices can be found at travel agencies.

Accommodation in Australia

It is always better to book accommodation in advance for the first few nights (if you have a low budget the best option is a hostel which is also a great opportunity to meet people from other countries or a hotel if you’re looking for peace and prefer to be alone). Then you can start searching for a permanent place. Just Australia can recommend some accommodation options or book a room in the affiliated student campus.

Study English in Australia

If your English level is scholastic, it is better to attend an English course (a short one is good enough) to integrate yourself into the society quickly, meet new people and get a well paid job.. English is important to get involved in the Australian life and get a well paid work. Australian is a language unto itself and at the beginning it is difficult to understand the accent if you’re not used to it. So, why don’t refresh our brain with a course! For more information about English courses, contact Just Australia!

moving to australia

Some tips for moving to Australia

After a few weeks staying in a hostel, it is time to figure out which is the best and convenient suburb for you depending on your work and study needs, but also which one is most suitable for your life style. Hence, the one where that feels like at home. Once you’ve arrived, it’s a good idea is to get all the practical things out of the way, for example for work in this country it is necessary to have an Australian tax code, called a tax file number, a bank account, a sim card and a resume according to the Australian standards. You can come by our Melbourne info point to get a free service assistance. It is important to consider that  you need the first days and weeks to settle in the new environment and deal with the jet leg. During this time you will explore the new places, solve the bureaucracy stuff and look for a room and job, just to become familiar with the new surrounding.

Moving to Australia for work

A lot of people decide to leave their home country, move to Australia and live there forever. But before making this drastic decision it is better to try to live in Australia, improve your English and figure out if it is the right country for you! So, there’s no rush, just focus on some goals, especially in the job market. To start with it is important to find a job. You’ll find the job of your life maybe after months or even a year. At the start, people usually look for employment in hospitality or construction because it is easier to go there in person and ask if they are hiring. It is better to do this than to send a lot of resumes by email or look for it online. In Australia there are a lot of employment exchange offices that work really well and are not expensive for those who are looking for a position.

Moreover, it is important to consider that many Italians arrive in Australia with a scholastic intermediate English level, so the ideal is to find a job in hospitality while waiting to improve your English. Australians are really interested in qualified people in hospitality and who is better than an Italian pizza maker to cook the real Italian pizza?

Once your English has improved and you gain a bit of experience in Australia (ask for some job references), it might be possible to find your life job on a different website or  by asking an immigration agent to help to understand the requirements for your work area. Usually, past studies and experiences have to be recognized by an expert. If you want to move to Australia the help of an immigration agent looking at your visa options is essential.

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 For those who are over 50 years old

Australia is the Land of Dreams land not only for young people but also for those who are older. This country has a lot of opportunities and age boundaries at the same time. When you are more then 50 years old coming in Down Under temporarily to improve English knowledge or to get a qualification and asking for a student visa, could be suspicious for the Department of Immigration. That’s why the Department requires more information before approving the visa. For this kind of situation and for those who are retired with the dream to move to Australia, it’s always better to ask help from an immigration agent.

Move to Australia with your family

Leaving with all the family is a beautiful experience, especially for the kids that can get the chance to improve their English, growing up in a multiethnic country with huge parks, many open-air activities and a healthy life style. On the other hand leaving with the family is really expensive particularly if someone needs to apply for a student visa. In this situation it is better to come to Just Australia for a consultation because each case is unique.

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