PTE Academic Course

The PTE course provides you with the necessary preparation to take the PTE Academic test for Australia. This is not just a normal General English course, but an intensive course structured around learning modules that follow those expected in the test to which it is oriented.

The PTE Academic is one of the most famous and recognised tests for the purpose of immigration and studying abroad. This is a fully-supported computer test, in which the results are given within five business days. Approved by the Australian Government as a valid alternative to the more common IELTS for obtaining immigration visas, it is also accepted by most institutes in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland, among which Yale and Harvard can also be considered.

It is possible to be accepted into the course if you have upper intermediate level English, with the goal of achieving advanced proficiency at the end of the 10 weeks duration.

How the PTE course works in Australia

The PTE course is divided into the following teaching modules:

  • In the preliminary phase, the method of administering the exam is explained and studied. The PTE Australia exam is in fact completely computer-based. This introduction allows you to arrive at the exam thoroughly prepared for what you are facing, so that you can lower any pre-examination concerns.
  • The second module provides an intensive study of grammatical structures, from those that are basic to those more complex. This is intensive English study, starting from a grammatical and logical basis.
  • The third part concerns speech and provides useful skills to manage complex interactions autonomously and with ease. The goal of this third phase is to reach an advanced level in general conversations.
  • In the fourth module, written English is thoroughly studied, with simulations of real contexts such as emails, essays, and journal articles. The simulations are useful for learning through learning-by-doing, with the advantage of being in a guided and secure context.
  • Finally, listening improves the understanding of complex discourses, different accents, and increases the ability to interpret. This last module is set up as a concluding module for obtaining all round advanced skills.

In order to keep track of the results achieved through training, weekly and tri-weekly tests on vocabulary, grammar, writing and listening are programmed.

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