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The General English course is the English language course of excellence. And it is also the best course to learn English, because it is in some ways the basis. It’s divided into levels and the lessons are held every day, usually from Monday to Friday, for a total of 20 hours a week, with a choice of morning, afternoon and evening classes. All schools are located in the central areas of the major cities.

General English in Melbourne: the levels

One of the biggest concerns for those starting a General English course in Australia is not understanding their teacher and their classmates who come from all over the world. Never fear! Classes are divided into levels and on the first day of school you will do an English test to see which class is best suited to you.

  • Beginner: don’t speak a word of English
  • Elementary: are able to pronounce and understand some words (A1/A2)
  • Pre-intermediate: only communicate in familiar situations (A2)
  • Intermediate: can express themselves with difficulty in grammar and vocabulary (B1)
  • Upper-intermediate: speak and understand well, some errors and misunderstanding (B2)
  • Advanced: speak and understand very well, uncertainty in non-familiar situations (C1)

Only those who have an English level equivalent to Upper Intermediate can access other courses offered by an English language school such as IELTS or Cambridge, Business English and Academic English courses. In fact, the General English course can open doors to more advanced courses and university programs.

General English course in Melbourne: how the courses work

English courses all work the same way in all schools across Australia. Lessons take place from Monday to Friday for 4 hours a day, or from Monday to Thursday for 5 hours a day. You can choose to study in the morning, afternoon or evening. The morning course is usually the most expensive, because it is also the most effective from a learning point of view. You’re more responsive in the morning than in the evening.

All courses offer 20 hours of lessons per week. It may seem demanding, but it’s better this way as you learn English faster. Courses start every Monday throughout the year and each week you start a new unit. Every ten weeks you go up one level. For example, after ten weeks at the Pre-intermediate level, you can start the Intermediate level. At the end of the course, you are issued a certificate that is valid worldwide.

Student studying English during a General English Course in Melbourne

General English courses: prices

The price of General English courses are all different. They depend on the city, the timetable and the quality of the school. Obviously, the higher the price, the better the school. Just Australia has agreements with schools all around Australia and special prices and promotions for all the students who enrol through us. Normally, a week in a General English course costs between $200 to $250 for a total of 20/25 hours of classes per week.

Teachers and classmates

The teachers are all native speakers and come from all over the world, not just from Australia. Your teacher may be Canadian, English, South African, American, Maltese, Irish or New Zealander. This means you can get used to recognising all the accents! In addition, the classes are composed of what is called the “nationality mix”. In each class there are 10-15 students coming from all over the world: South America, Europe, Asia and there is no risk of speaking Italian.

Some extra activities

All schools also offer a series of extra activities such as parties, beach bbqs, drinks with the English teachers, city walks, excursions and guided tours. Most of these activities are free. And they are above all an opportunity to make new friends, as well as improve your English level.

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