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The Cambridge English course in Australia is a suitable course not only for those who want to pass the exam, but also for those who want to improve their English level. Cambridge is an alternative to TOEFL (paper and digital) and IELTS (nightmare for many), but comfortable because it has a lot of training materials with which you can prepare.

As the name itself says, it is an exam which originated in Cambridge, England, founded over 100 years ago in the faculty that deals with assessing the English level of students. In the first exam ever done, in 1913, only three people participated and all were rejected. A hundred years later, there are about five million people doing this test every year.

Knowledge of English language is divided into levels ranging from A1 (the lowest) to C2 (the highest). Now, these levels of knowledge are based on different levels of Cambridge English courses that you can follow:

– Key (KET) which corresponds to A1 / A2
• Preliminary (PET) which corresponds to B1
• First (FCE) which corresponds to B2
• Advanced (CAE) which corresponds to C1
– Proficiency (CPE) which corresponds to C2

Who it is for

The courses are targeted for each of these levels. So, if you want to attend the Cambridge training course, you would first do a test that indicates your level. Once your knowledge of English has been identified, your school will allow you to access one of the 5 above listed courses. The duration of the course depends on the school you choose.

Course duration

In Australia, these courses are usually 10-12 weeks long and allow you to increase your English skills quickly and efficiently. Many schools are accredited and offer the possibility to test directly at school. The good thing about the Cambridge test is that you will get a certification that will last forever, unlike other English tests that expire after a few years.

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