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The Business English Course for Australia is literally an English language course focused on developing the vocabulary that is appropriate for professional life. This is therefore the next step to learning grammar and developing General English literacy skills. The preparation provided by the Business English course completes the training and allows proper integration into private and professional life.

Thanks to the new agreements between the EU and the rest of the world, and thanks to the internet and e-commerce, we are living in a period in which the old territorial boundaries have collapsed and with an increasingly strong and constant internationalisation. A dynamic context of this kind and the prospect of a future that follows in this direction offers the opportunity to build a stimulating growth path. The first step in your personal and professional plan must therefore be the acquisition of a level of English suitable for integration at a cultural and workplace level.

Attending a Business English course directly in Australia provides the double benefit of the speed of learning and the high level of the schools attended. Learning English or improving your own level by living and speaking the language in everyday life speeds up the training process, allowing you to achieve good results with less effort.

And the opposite is also true: the progress made in the classroom, through academic training, will produce visible results immediately, allowing you to better consolidate every new acquired skill. At the same time, studying English in Australia enables you to access high-level schools with Australian and international teachers: quality education in an international context will ensure you acquire a level that is hard to obtain from your own country.

Who the course is for

In order to gain access to the Business English course you need to have a middle intermediate level that consists of an excellent grammar and speech base, essential for boasting a professional vocabulary and language.

Course duration

The duration of the course can be adapted to specific needs and can vary from 5 to 20 weeks. Courses are held in the morning for a total of 5 hours, with intervals and lunch breaks, and are structured around academic lessons, multimedia tools and simulations. To enable the student to get a good economic and financial vocabulary, the course is designed to be as realistic as possible: providing simulations of business meetings, work emails, public speaking and business calls. To achieve the learning objectives, every 5 weeks, an individual feedback session is scheduled to test the acquired skills and future steps.

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