General English Course in Melbourne

Student studying English during a General English Course in Melbourne
The General English course is the English language course of excellence. And it is also the best course to learn English, because it is in some ways the basis. It’s divided into levels and the less [...]

IELTS test preparation course

IELTS course
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most recognized English certification in Australia and in the world. It is a prerequisite for higher education courses and a requirement of [...]

Oet – Occupational English test

Who it is for The OET (Occupational English Test) is suitable for physicians, nurses and physiotherapists and those generally who have to register in the healthcare profession in order to work in Aus [...]

Eal – english as an additional language

Course duration The EAL course is very popular these days because of its very flexible "timetable". Unlike other English courses, it offers lessons twice a week, usually a choice from Monday to Frida [...]

Cambridge English

The Cambridge English course in Australia is a suitable course not only for those who want to pass the exam, but also for those who want to improve their English level. Cambridge is an alternative to [...]

Business English

The Business English Course for Australia is literally an English language course focused on developing the vocabulary that is appropriate for professional life. This is therefore the next step to lea [...]

PTE Academic Course

The PTE course provides you with the necessary preparation to take the PTE Academic test for Australia. This is not just a normal General English course, but an intensive course structured around lear [...]

EAP: English for Academic Purposes

The English EAP course, or English for Academic Purposes, is a course designed to provide students with the appropriate skills for a study environment. In addition to enabling the development of a ric [...]

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