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79% of young people around the world want to start their own business, but very few know how to do it. After all, it is difficult to start an enterprise or be self-employed without experience. For this reason Melbourne offers the first step to open a bar, a restaurant, a consulting company or simply to become a freelance professional in Australia and around the world. This is the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in business planning, start-up and management.

The course does not only consist of classroom training, but it really involves the students, in close contact with the teachers, who are successful entrepreneurs themselves. You can share your business idea with the class and entrust yourself with a team of experts who understand how to realize it, in Australia or anywhere else in the world.

The objectives of the course are to develop a business idea and conduct market research; design a sales strategy; know how to handle emotions and become a good leader; understand the principles of communication and social media marketing; be autonomous and independent to manage a start up and seek investors.

This is a very flexible course, designed for those who work and is based on academic progress. The course is completed in two years under the new Business Planning Diploma which focuses on the opening and management of a company of up to 45 employees and an Advanced Diploma in Marketing Strategies and Start-up, in which you will learn skills useful for taking a company to the next level, from staff management to public communication.

Entrepreneurs and Businessman Course

• Diploma of New Business Planning: from $ 7,000 (52 weeks)
• Advanced Diploma in Marketing Strategy and Start-up: from $ 7,000 (52 weeks)


  • English Level: Upper Intermediate
  • High school certificate


  • Length of visa: up to 24 months
  • Frequency: 2 days per week
  • Mode: theoretical and practical lessons at the city campus
  • Payment: quarterly
  • Admission: 3 intakes per year
  • Location: Melbourne

The price is subject to change based on entry period, duration of the course, duration of holidays, selected city, school, cost of enrolment and school material.

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