Mechanic courses

In Australia there are about 100,000 professional mechanics employed and despite the high number of mechanical workshops, this professional position is one of the most wanted in Australia and it appears in the SOL LIST. This means that those who have a good level of English, many years of demonstrable experience and a specialist mechanical diploma can aspire to get the skilled visa.

Otherwise a diploma in Automative Technology achieved in Australia is a good starting point to find a job and perhaps get sponsored as a mechanic.

Once you’ve finished the mechanics course, you can request a Postgraduate visa (subclass 485) that allows you to remain in Australia for another 18 months, working full time in the industry and gaining experience after your studies. If you want to work as a mechanic in Australia and get the Postgraduate visa, it is necessary to attend all three courses: Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Mechanics.

Mechanic Courses


  • Visa duration: 27 months (102 weeks)
  • Attendance: 20 hs/pw, 2 days a week of choices from Monday to Saturday
  • Terms: theory lessons at the city campus and practice lessons in the mechanical workshop
  • Payments: three-monthly
  • Admissions: every month
  • Location: Melbourne


  • English level: upper intermediate
  • Middle or high school diploma

Career Opportunities for Mechanics in Australia

SOL List:

  • Motor Mechanic
  • Diesel Motor Mechanic
  • Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Small Engine Mechanic

Expected salary

  • Hourly average: $25
  • Annual average: $58,000

*For those who buy one of the courses from , prices are different: Certificate III Diesel – $12,000,
Certificate IV Light Vehicle – $13,000, Package – $15,500.

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