Massage therapy courses

In Australia there are many clinics specializing in massages, a widespread practice due to its close proximity to Asia. There are endless techniques and it is possible to find any type of massage. The path to become an expert massage therapist in Australia includes the theory and the practice of different disciplines, as well as therapeutic massage and other practices such as myotherapy, an art very close to acupuncture, which is very useful for healing certain ailments.

The school has a private clinic inside, where the customers can book a massage at affordable prices and students can practice while attending the massage therapy courses. Moreover, the institute has an agreement with a number of clinics throughout the city, where students can have a true professional experience and maybe find a job.

Massage Therapy Courses


  • Visa duration: up to 44 months
  • Enrollment: $150
  • Material fee per course: $200
  • Attendance: 20 hs/pw, 2 days a week from Monday to Friday
  • Terms: theory lessons at the city campus and practice lessons in the clinics
  • Payments: three-monthly
  • Fees: $130 pw
  • Admissions: every month
  • Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth


  • English level: upper intermediate
  • Middle or high school diploma

Professional outcomes


  • Massage Therapist

Expected salary

  • Hourly average: $24
  • Annual average: $50,000

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