Marketing and Social Media

The Marketing and Social Media course is one of those courses that everyone should do because it is useful to learn techniques to promote a business and to manage Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. It is therefore ideal for anyone who wants to either start their own business or work as a manager in a restaurant, a bar or any other business.

Australia is an extremely modern and technological country where social media is the showcase of any business activity. Every company has a very well maintained site, a Facebook page with captivating images and videos, and an Instagram profile with a series of hipster photos, photo competitions and much more.

To be sponsored as a marketing specialist or manager or as a public relations manager you need to have a bachelor’s degree in economics specializing in marketing, or a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences. This course is useful for understanding how this industry works in Australia and also for those who want to do a course that can be useful in other sectors.

Marketing and Social Media Course

  • Certificate IV in Marketing & Communication: $5,000 (44 weeks)
  • Diploma in Marketing & Communication: $6,000 (52 weeks)


  • City: Melbourne, Sydney
  • Length of visa: up to 24 months
  • Frequency: 2 days per week (20 hours pw)
  • Modes: Theoretical lessons at the city campus and practical lessons in the laboratories
  • Payment: quarterly
  • Admission: every three months


  • English Level: Upper Intermediate
  • High school diploma

Professional Outcomes

Combined List of Eligible Skills Occupations


  • Average hourly payment: $40
  • Average annual payment: $82,000

The price is subject to change based on entry period, duration of the course, duration of holidays, selected city, school, cost of enrolment and school material.

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