Human resources courses

The Human Resources Courses are a study career ideal for people willing to work in selections and personal administration in Australia. This human resources management course is perfect for who has already a similar qualification and wants to acquire competences in English, in order to enter Australian job market.

There are many work opportunities in the HR Management sector, but you need a bachelor degree if you want to be hired and get a sponsor.

Human Resources Courses in Melbourne


  • Visa duration: up to 2 years
  • Attendance: 20 hs/pw, 2 days a week of choice form Monday to Saturday
  • Terms: theory lessons in the city campus
  • Payments: three-monthly
  • Material fee: $250
  • Enrollment fee: free
  • Admissions: every month
  • Location: Melbourne


  • English level: upper intermediate
  • Middle or high school diploma

Professional outcomes

CSOL List:

  • Human Resources Adviser
  • Human Resources Manager

Expected salary

  • Hourly average: $29
  • Annual average: $82,000

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