Diploma Graphic Design

In Australia the number of graphic designers is impressive: 22,000 professionals, between employers and freelance and about 9 thousands companies. Most of the graphic design companies are in New South Wales (38%), followed by Victoria (28%), with a turnover of 5 billion dollars.

The Graphic designer has an interesting outlet in Australia. The Certificate III and Diploma allow you to learn about the industry according to Australian standards and work in an English environment. These courses are useful both for those who are working or already have experience and those who want to start in this profession.

You need to keep in mind that a sponsored graphic designer has a degree, so having just a diploma is not enough. There are two courses available: Certificate III in Printing & Graphic Art and Diploma in Digital Media. You can acquire the study package that lasts 2 years or attend the two courses separately. In fact, it is possible to enrol in just the Diploma for Graphic Designers.


Graphic design courses


  • Visa duration: up to 28 months
  • Attendance: 2 days a week
  • Terms: theory lessons at the city campus
  • Payments: three-monthly
  • Admissions: every month
  • Location: Melbourne


  • English level: upper intermediate
  • High school diploma

Career Opportunities


  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer

Expected salary

  • Hourly average: $24
  • Annual average: $50,000

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