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The event management industry is booming in Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are the main cities of events, where there are the most famous festivals. Melbourne has been awarded the title of principal sporting events by UNESCO and Sydney attracts 11 million tourists by itself. We must not forget the other cities and Tasmania, even if smaller: they host events and sold out festivals.

It’s hard to keep up with all the sport, culture, theater, cinema, and fashion events in Australia. The food and wine events are very successful because Australians love to eat well. It is an industry that employs thousands and thousands of people in many different fields. For those who already have experience in event planning, this course is one of the best tools to walk into this business. It is essential not only to speak excellent English, but also know other languages and how to relate to tourists. The good news is that an Event Manager doesn’t necessarily require a degree, but an event planning diploma is enough, which can be obtained by enrolling in an event management course.

The Australian Diploma in Events can offer direct contact with the work world, practice or a service placement depending on the institution. This event management course conducted at a TAFE or in an excellent institute is really expensive but it is an entry ticket into the work market. Moreover, it allows you to qualify for different sectors and work in many areas: events, tourism, catering and hospitality.

Event management Courses


  • Visa duration: 15 months
  • Attendance: 20 hs/pw, 2 days a week
  • Payments: three-monthly
  • Admissions: February and July
  • Location: Sydney, Melbourne


  • English level: upper intermediate
  • High school diploma

Professional outcomes

CSOL List:
– Conference and event Organizer

Expected salary

  • Hourly average: $27
  • Annual average: $60,000

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