Restaurant Manager: 16 months visa at $5,000

Study hospitality management in Melbourne and become a restaurant manager. An incredible opportunity to specialize in a sector that is constantly growing in Australia and companies are increasingly looking for professionals to invest in and that still has opportunities to achieve the permanent residency in Australia.

A prestigious international training institute based in Melbourne with the additional benefit to do job experience in existing companies partner of the schools.

This Diploma in hospitality is the course suitable for those who want to join the hospitality sector in Australia in a professional manner and with a certificate in hand. A course of study that allows you to learn the basics of hospitality business and work closely with international colleagues, in a creative, stimulating and multicultural environment.

The course is a 52-week Diploma with a cost of $5,000.


  • Duration of the course: 52 weeks
  • Visa duration: up to 16 months
  • Title achievable: Diploma of Restaurant Manager
  • Course frequency: Only theoretical and 2 times a week
  • Cost: $5,000
  • City Campus: Melbourne

Information and enrollment:

Just Australia
Level 9, 118 Queen street
0455260015 – 0437890294


* $200 school enrollment fee. The price is subject to change based on: enrollment period, duration of the course, duration of the holidays, selected city, school, cost of enrollment and school material.

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