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Founded on the 26th of January 1788 as a colony for criminals coming from the U.K., the “Harbour City” survived the first landing of the first fleet thanks to a lot of willpower, and spirit. In Sydney, the usage of alcohol per person has always been the highest ever registered, and up until 1808 Rum was used as a trading good. Today, Sydneysiders still love their beer, but the “Emerald City” – where the oldest University in Australia is located, is well known for its multicultural life and spectacular views. It offers up to 240 days a year of sun.

Every year, almost 11 million tourists are attracted to its beautiful beaches and one of the nicest bays on the planet – which gets even more incredible during Christmas or NYE. The nightlife, the aquariums, markets and botanical gardens are only some of the other attractions, together with the greatest in all of Australia: the Sydney Opera House. This was designed by a Danish architect, built by 100 thousand man over 40 years ago, and cost 100 million dollars. In 2007 it was named a World Heritage Site.

Living in Sydney: useful information

An awesome temperature all year: in summer you can wear thongs and in winter a hoodie. The only exception is August, when it rains everyday. Living in Sydney means using the ferry as public transport, going to the beach every day, catching the bus with a surfboard, seeing one of the 1600 shows the Opera House offers yearly, and joining many different events such as the Vivid Sydney Festival, where projections are shot all over the Harbour Bridge.

Sydney is bigger and more chaotic than Melbourne, between its 120 beaches, its big suburbs and the city. The financial district (CBD), Bondi beach, Mainly and Bronte are only some of these.

It is the most expensive city in Australia, but this means that salaries are really high as well. Hospitality, construction, marketing, finance and technology are the leading working sectors in which to find a job. On the other hand, living in Sydney is a dream for a huge number of people, therefore expect some tough competition!

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