Living in Melbourne

A very hot summer and not very cold winter, in general, pretty mild weather. The good (and sometimes bad) thing about Melbourne is that you never know if you’ll be alright wearing shorts and thongs, or a scarf and jacket. As a rule, bring a jumper with you: it’s an “oceanic” climate, and it changes a lot! Melbourne is grunge: perfect spots for drinking, markets, festivals, concerts, red bricks and small lanes, art and culture, music and nightlife. Many words, one city. It’s divided in suburbs, and every day is different in Melbourne.

The CBD is the financial and city center, where the public transport is free; South Yarra is the rich suburb; Fitzroy and Collingwood are the hipster and trendy areas; Carlton is the little ; St Kilda is the city beach. Ok, we agree, the four seasons can occur all at once and on a sunny summer day you might find yourself a bit cold, but since 2011 Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city every year, which means that at least the coffee is pretty good.

A little bit of history

Lord Melbourne (yep, he did exist) was midway through his second term as English Prime Minister, when the land around the mouth of the Yarra river was bought by a rich Tasmanian business man from the Aboriginal Kulin Tribe for 20 blankets, 30 pairs of glasses, 50 pairs of scissors, 100 knives and a cow. It was 1835, and the rich man was John Batman (yep, like that of Batman). The land that within 40 years would become one of the richest cities in the world thanks to the Gold Rush, was, for a small amount of time, actually called Batmania. If this was still its name, it would without a doubt be the most famous city in the whole world.

What Melbourne can offer

Today Melbourne is known as the literary city of the world according to UNESCO, and the world capital of sport with its Formula One Grand Prix, Moto GP, horse racing, Tennis Grand Slam tournament, rugby, football and cricket. It is also the home of Footy – a sport somewhere between soccer and rugby with the ability to stop the entire city for a day (a Public Holiday) for the Finals. Living in Melbourne can offer you access to a great choice of music and food, almost monthly festivals, and the biggest tram network in the world.

Working in Melbourne

Unfortunately you might also have to work in Melbourne. The bright side? There are plenty of jobs. It’s the Australian capital of the hospitality industry, and it’s quite easy to find a job in it. The city is always growing, creating opportunities for carpenters and construction professionals on a daily basis. Doctors, nurses and engineers are always at the top of the most wanted professional positions list. The cost of living is generally higher than other countries, but the salaries are very high as well.


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