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If you think that Australia has no history, you might be right somehow, but don’t say that to anyone living in Darwin. The smallest, most northern and youngest town in Australia has a really tragic and interesting history. It has been the centre of dramatic events and natural disasters since its foundation in 1870.

Populated for thousands of years by the Aboriginal people and gold prospectors, Darwin has been the scene of many cruel revolts, bombings from Japanese aircraft during the Second World War.

Storms are another big problem, appearing regularly every 40 years. The last, in 1974, killed 71 people and destroyed 70% of the buildings.

The name of the city comes from the famous scientist Charles Darwin, because apparently his evolution theories came not only from the turtles, but also from the platypus of Australia.

Less than 500 kms from Darwin you can find Uluru, the biggest monolith in the world, a sacred stone for the Aboriginal people and a huge destination for many many tourists.

Living in Darwin: useful information

The weather is hot, dry and hot! It’s almost 35 degrees the whole year along, and this makes Darwin the perfect destination for those who love the heat. It’s the perfect mid point between Australia and Asia and it’s a tourist destination for people travelling between the continents. Living in Darwin means a slow life style and an ethnic environment where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the country.

Concerning jobs, the biggest industries are: hospitality, animal-related jobs and tourism.

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