Living on the Gold Coast

Take some skyscrapers, add some trendy bars and mix with a nice casino and some very good theme parks, shake it and put a little bit of ocean on top. Actually, a lot of ocean. To be precise, 57 kms of beach, golden beach. This is the Gold Coast, the sixth biggest city in Australia, with land coming directly from the swamps, and a population that in the last ten years has increased by 20%.

A good half of the 10 million people going there every season stay for only a day. But what a day! Extremely famous for the night life and for the surf, it gets full of families and young people trying to enjoy their time at its best. You will find a lot of families at the theme parks (Warner Bros Movie World for example) or on the big golf courses.

Between the Gold Coast and the suburbs of Brisbane there are around 500 restaurants and over 500 thousand acres of natural park. It’s almost like living in a theme park! The so-called Australian Miami is the hometown of some of the best sportsmen in the country, as well as having the highest residential building in the world and four universities.

living in gold coast

Living on the Gold Coast: useful information

The weather is beautiful all year long, although summer can make you live life in a surreal way. Between September and March it’s simply beautiful. During the winter it may be a little boring and it may be more difficult to find a job.

But we mustn’t forget that 500 thousand people live on the Gold Coast, therefore it’s easy to find an job if you have good skills. The biggest industry, as usual, is hospitality. The whole city is based on it.

So, it’s an excellent destination for chefs, cooks, waiters and bar staff. The development of the city is quite big as well, so it’s also relatively easy to find a job in construction.

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