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Unlike Sydney and Hobart (but also Brisbane and Melbourne), the capital of South Australia wasn’t built on colonies and criminals sent from overseas, but on free men escaping from religious persecution from the center of Europe. The name of this city comes from the word Àdeleid, which comes from ancient English and means “of noble root”.

Despite this, Adelaide is like any other big Australian city. A huge multi-ethnical place, with some questionable food specialties (the typical dish is a meat pie covered in pea soup), and an extremely high number of churches, and bars. Rather than beer, Adelaide is renowned for its wine. In South Australia there are over 160 companies specialising in wine production. Based in The Barossa Valley, they are destinations of a lot of wine-lovers and cultural tours.

Another famous destination in the area is Kangaroo Island, where you can admire some of the most spectacular animal species of Australia.

And what about the city? It’s probably missing the style of Melbourne, the lifestyle of Perth and the personality of Sydney. But, the fact that it has nice weather, a relaxed day-to-day life and a cheaper life style compared to many other places explains why it has been ranked the 5th most liveable city. On top of that it has the Fringe, one of the biggest cultural festivals events in the Southern Hemisphere.

Living in Adelaide: useful information

If you don’t like rain, enjoy dry weather and your biggest passion is wine and its industry, look no further. Adelaide is the city for you. The city is growing really fast and, like other cities in Australia, the biggest industries in Adelaide are hospitality and construction. The agriculture industry is a big one as well.

The city has a good public transport network and it’s easy to get around. It’s a relaxed city, far from the stress of the bigger cities.

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